Monday, January 3, 2011

If Life Is Worth Living, It Is Worth Recording

I am venturing back into the wonderful world of blogging, one small tip-toe at a time.  I blogged for years and loved it, but fell victim to shiny social networks which encouraged me to keep my thoughts quick and compact, and I inevitably abandoned my former blog.  Instead of reopening it, I have decided to go for a fresh start.  I was 21 when I began my first blog, single, in college, still in my hometown and living for myself.  Eight years later, I am married in the big city and working on building my career, while being the best dog-mom and auntie in the world.

My husband, a humor writer and cartoonist, encouraged me when I expressed interest in blogging again.  We talked about how there really is no quality control on the internet and how anyone can say anything at anytime and feel like a star all the while.  I am not one to kid myself; this blog is mostly for me.  I do not have any false sense of feeling like I am a published artist, and I do not expect much out of my blog, other than writing what I feel like writing, when I feel like writing it.

I am not an authority on anything.  I will not devote my blog to advice or self-help.  I just hope that, if you choose to read along, you will take something away from it--and maybe get a chuckle along the way.  I will make efforts to be entertaining and interesting, but nobody can be both all of the time.  With that in mind, I must say that I will also strive to only post when I have something to actually post about.  I do not plan to put unrealistic expectations on myself, i.e. vowing to blog every day as part of some resolution or something to prove.

I also do not know exactly where this blog is going, and that is fine with me for now.  I believe the first step is to get started, then let my inspiration or ideas come to me when they are ready.  I am not sure that I am interesting enough to only talk about myself, but I do have funny and odd things happen to me  quite often and I will want to share them.  I also have bad days and may want to say something about them on here, but I have no intention of making this a forum for rants and bitching.  Although, that is likely to happen from time to time.

For now, I feel content that I took the time to sign up for my new blog and have written my first official post.  There will be plenty more to come because I have lots to say--I just don't know when it will be, or what.  Not that anyone is reading this anyway.  :-)