Friday, April 20, 2012

The Midnight Intruder

We fell asleep in the living room last night watching television.  Sometime around midnight, we woke up just enough to turn out lights and waddle ourselves to the bedroom.  Kit, Vin and I laid in bed, drifting back off to sleep, and Reggie was nestled in his "night-night" crate next to the bed.

It was completely dark and silent when I suddenly heard the tap, tap, tapping of claws walking on the hardwood floors in our bedroom.  At first I had assumed that Vinnie jumped off of the bed and was roaming around the room.  To check, I stretched my leg towards the foot of the bed.  When my toes touched fur, I knew Vinnie was laying with us.  So what the hell was on our floor?

My insane imagination began conjuring up ideas about what had somehow gotten into the house and was preparing to devour us in our slumber--I narrowed it down to either a squirrel or a giant rat.  Oh, God, what if it had been a possum!?  If it were a rat, it would've been absolutely huge because it sounded like the animal had to weigh several pounds.  Whatever it was, I was almost certain it had rabies.

I told Kit to stand on the bed to turn on the ceiling fan light so we could see what we were dealing with—I had no idea what to do if either of those animals were actually standing in our room.  Some people stash firearms and cash between their mattresses; thoughts were racing through my mind about, "if only I had thought to keep a net and tranquilizer gun there for this very moment…"  That would have been convenient.

The animal intruder must have known where we were in the room—it must have heard us talking—because it approached our bed to greet attack us.  It turned out to be Reggie, wagging his tail and surely wondering why no one had put him to bed.  Kit and I both assumed that the other had put him up for the night.  It took a while, but my heart finally stopped pounding and I was able to drift back off to sleep.

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