Monday, May 14, 2012

The Chocolate Chip Hooptie

I saw something amazing today.  I wish that I would have been able to snap a photo to share, but unfortunately it didn't work out--so my description will have to do for now, along with the lame makeshift illustration I just made.

A car pulled out in front of us on our way to work this morning.  It was an old hooptie, must've been a Buick or Cadillac--light tan with COOKIES painted on it.  All over it.  And on the side of the car it read "Chocolate Chip" in gangsta-style letters.

There was no telephone number or website to indicate that this was someone's small business and they were advertising on the cheap.  This guy just really loves chocolate chip cookies, and he wants everyone on the road to know.  Kit chuckled and shook his head about me making such a big deal out of the situation, so I reminded him that this is the exact reason we moved to Oak Cliff.  So we could see some neat shit.

I pray that I encounter Chocolate Chip again so I can get a photo and you can also witness the greatness.  I haven't laughed that hard on the way to work on a Monday morning since...ever.

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