Thursday, December 13, 2012

Another [Local] Celebrity Tale

The same year I was working at the card and stationery shop at NorthPark, a local celebrity [who was on the news and radio at the time, and she also married someone else who was on the news] came into the store with a friend the week after Christmas when we were having a “Buy One, Get One Free” promotion on holiday-related items.

After browsing the store for about 10 minutes, she brought one item to the register.  “I would like to get this item.  Can I get it for 50% off?” she asked.  I gently told her that she could pay full price for this item and take another one with her for free.  “But I only want one.  I think it is ridiculous that I have to buy two to get the discount.”

I apologized and reminded her that the sale was for “Buy one, get one free,” not “Everything is 50% off,” as I was gazing at the magnificent diamond on her finger.  Knowing what she and her husband did for a living, she could clearly afford to spring for full price, then give the free item to someone else.  Or keep it.  I really didn’t care.

So why was she being like this over a few dollars?  Because she could.  She was a self-important entitled person who was probably used to being recognized around town and then having her ass kissed for gracing people with her presence.  And because of me, she was not going to get her way this time.

After another moment of back and forth, she not-so-gently set the item on the counter and said, “Keep it.”  I wished her and her friend a pleasant afternoon as they left the store, but they did not turn around or answer me.  The lady next in line approached the counter, put her items down and asked if I could believe their nerve.  I shook my head and told her that I refused to give [silly former local celebrity] the satisfaction of knowing who she was.  The woman laughed, and I rang her up.

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