Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Chi-Chi-Chi Chia

My brother and I had a brilliant idea for Mom's Christmas gift one year—I was 9, which made my brother 6—we were going to get her a Chia Pet!  We saw the commercials and knew how much she loved her plants, so we put our money together and got one.  We had it wrapped up so pretty and under the tree, and she really seemed excited when she opened it on Christmas morning.  But then we noticed that she never really took it out of the box or attempted growing it, and the box even disappeared by sometime in February.

It was that spring when we discovered her beloved Chia Pet on a shelf in the garage.  Surely this was a mistake!  When we asked Dad about it, he assured us that Mom loved the gift we had given her and suggested that we wrap it up and give it to her again on her birthday as a reminder.  So, in April we did just that.  Mom seemed so excited all over again to re-receive her Christmas gift, which was now her birthday gift, but we never saw her do anything with it.

Around Christmastime that year, we actively went looking for the Chia Pet and actually found it in Mom's bedroom closet.  She clearly did not have the heart to throw it away, but we were baffled as to why she never grew it—it was so cool!  We snuck it down from her closet shelf, wrapped it up and gave it to her for Christmas again.  Since Dad didn’t know about our scheme, he had a great laugh when Mom opened her gift for a third time.

This became a running joke in our house; we would wrap that Chia Pet for Mom for another three or four Christmases, but I am sure she finally threw it away at some point.  I am now tempted to get a new one and have it for her under the tree this year.  Since we haven’t done this in over 15 years, I am sure she would not suspect a thing.

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