Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Lively Newsletter

I have wanted to work on a project with Kit practically since we were first dating.  Eight years later we wrote our first family newsletter together, to send to family and friends at Christmas.  We typically receive Christmas newsletters from lovely families we know, updating us on what they've been up to since the last newsletter we received.  We thought that we could do something similar, except we do not have children nor have we ever accomplished anything.  So we sat down together one evening, and the newsletter nearly wrote itself.  Below is the text of what was sent out and also the family photo that we included...

Ho, Ho, Ho!  Merry Christmas!
It’s the 8th annual Lively Christmas Newsletter!

We hope this note finds all of you jolly and in the Christmas spirit!  Staying with tradition, we would like to update everyone with what we’ve had going on in 2012:

Kit’s Charity!
As many of you may remember, Kit pledged to allow his back hair to grow for the duration of this year so he could then donate the accumulated growth to Locks of Love.  To our surprise they do not accept back hair, but fortunately we were able to bring the bag of clippings down to the Build-A-Bear Workshop, where they make toys that will be donated to underprivileged children who were born without a sense of smell.  It warms our hearts to know these kids will have toys to snuggle this holiday season.

¡New Casa!
We moved into our house back in April, and we have loved the process of getting settled in.  We finally made peace with the ghost, and he has agreed to mostly occupy the unfinished portion of the attic.  We were all, “Are you sure?  Isn’t that like a stereotype to have a ghost in the attic?”  And then he was all, “It’s cool—after almost 80 years, I’m used to it.”  We have been getting used to having a gas stove and furnace, and the house has not yet exploded, so we have been pretty excited about that.  Also, our lawn mower and car battery were stolen earlier in the fall, but that is just part of the charm of living in Oak Cliff.  And besides, now we can do our part to boost the economy by hiring someone to manicure the yard!

Julie’s Evil Twin!
Regular readers of the Annual Lively Newsletter will be relieved to learn that Julie’s twin sister, Vivian, who manages to break out of Ferncliff Home for the Criminally Insane every holiday season in order to assume Julie’s identity, is still presumed dead after the fire back in June.  Although her body has not yet been recovered, authorities seem confident that we can rest easy year.

We were alarmed to recently learn that Vinnie and Reggie no longer believe in Santa.  Apparently they were able to understand when they overheard us discussing their holiday gifts.  Take comfort in knowing that we have altered our vocabulary and began spelling words when we do not want them to know what we are talking about.  The reconditioning process has begun, so hopefully within the next two weeks they will have completely forgotten any doubting words we may have said regarding Santa, and they will be believers again come Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas to our family and friends, near or far!  And Happy New Year!

Lots of love,

Kit, Julie, Vinnie and Reggie

P.S. As this newsletter was going to press, we were contacted by Ferncliff and there have been recent sightings of Vivian in various areas of North Texas.  The authorities still say we should feel safe, as they believe she is not yet aware of our new address.


  1. This is hilarious! Miss you guys. Hope you have a fantastic New Year. I really wish I could make it, but just not looking like its possible this year. Enjoy!

  2. Lady, I sent a newsletter to you but it was returned. Have you moved since last year? I will email you the address I have. Miss you! We'll get together in the new year. xo