Thursday, December 6, 2012

Orange Faced and Oh So Proud

I believe I was 11 when I received my first gift of makeup for Christmas.  For those who missed the early 90s or weren’t a tween at the time, Tinkerbell was a brand of cheap cosmetics geared towards those who shouldn’t yet be wearing makeup.  I received a boxed set complete with a compact and powder, a hot pink lipstick, and some perfume that I wish I could remember.  I am sure it was awful, and I am equally sure that I loved it.

I don’t even think they made shades of the powder—it was like a one-size-fits-all of foundation.  It came in a lovely beige-orange color which had to look horrendous on anyone, but especially on a transparently white ginger girl with freckles.  I could hardly contain myself after opening this menagerie of beauty products and immediately ran to the bathroom to fix my new, grown up face.  It was so much fun putting the powder on—so I did it twice!

For some reason, my parents decided to let me leave the house looking like a clown, and it was onto Nana and Papa’s house we went for Christmas with the family.  I brought my compact and lipstick with me to show off to my cousins, and also so I could touch up and reapply. All.Day.Long.  I am sure I looked [and smelled!] like a pre-teen hooker, but I felt pretty and had a blast.

Thankfully, my mom only let me play with the makeup on days that I wasn’t going to school; I am sure that was to keep us both out of trouble.

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