Friday, December 21, 2012

The New Year's Betrayal

After a year of dating, Kit and I were not quite ready to move in together, so he decided to have a roommate at his condo in Addison.  The roommate was less than ideal—we frequently noticed eviction threats on the door due to his portion of the rent not being paid [and he never let us know that he was short on rent, so the notices on the door were our first indication], and he would even park his car down the street and walk to the condo so the repo man couldn’t reclaim his delinquent vehicle.

The roommate was a writer, which is actually how he and Kit met, and so we knew a lot of the same people and hung around some of the same circles.  We were getting to know two new couples around that time and felt like we had enough in common for the potential of a good friendship.  Since things were tense around the condo and possibly because he felt threatened or a competition for their friendship, the roommate swooped in behind our backs and conjured up a series of untruths, which they chose to believe.

When the holiday season approached, we [Kit, the roommate and I] decided to host a New Year’s Eve party at the condo and invite all of our friends, including the two new couples, and we were completely unaware of what they were told or that they thought we were jerks.  The plan was to invite a few people out to dinner first, then we would all head back to the condo and all of our other friends would join the party later that evening.

The two couples initially said they would be at the dinner as well as our party, then as the holiday neared they all suddenly had “other plans” – one couple needed to get their car fixed [really?] and the other either said they weren’t feeling well or couldn’t be out late, etc., but they all would still be able to join us for the dinner portion of the evening.  No big deal; we would still have plenty of people at our house party, and New Year’s Eve is one of those tricky holidays where people sometimes have multiple options or they may opt to stay closer to home.  My feelings were not hurt and I did not think much about it…until the roommate also happened upon “other plans”.  Our co-host was also bailing on the party.

We later learned that these two couples ended up throwing their own house party and invited the roommate to tag along, you know, since he was so abused and mistreated at home.  I am still curious to know why they would even come to our dinner if they did not like us at the time.

That next spring, we ran into one of the couples at a con, and they had spent enough time with the roommate to see his true colors shining through.  They had come to realize that we were not the bad guys, and they wanted to be friends with us.  We only teased them a time or two about lying to us on New Year’s Eve, and we have been friends with the group ever since.


  1. Manipulative people are so destructive.

  2. The former roommate now lives out of town, and we have only encountered him once since the dramatic conclusion to his and Kit's cohabitation. Whew.