Thursday, December 27, 2012

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve? Crying.

The very same night that our new friends lied to us, we had yet another occurrence.  Kit's roommate had a little dog, which he mostly ignored and she was really shy and neurotic.  He typically kept her in his bedroom, and on this particular night, I was counting on that.  He said that he would keep her put up for our party.

I had made two dozen beautiful cupcakes for the party and had them sitting out with other snacks on my grandmother’s dining table, waiting for us to return from dinner and for the party to officially begin.  When we finished up at the restaurant and returned home, I was quite unpleasantly surprised to learn that not only had he failed to put the dog up like he said he would, but she had also managed to claw her way onto the dining table and ate most of the cupcakes and smooshed/ruined the ones she did not manage to eat.

I started my New Year’s Eve party by crying over smooshed cupcakes.  We had had so many troubles with the roommate, and my emotional outburst must have been an accumulation of emotion from half a year of stress.  And my poor Nana’s dining table!  Every time I change the table cloth, I see the claw scratches on the wood and am reminded of that night.  I am an animal lover, and I have an extra special soft spot for the pups, but I have never in my life come closer to drop kicking a dog off of a balcony.

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