Saturday, November 16, 2013

In Case of Emergency - Part Two

The weekend following what occurred in the first part to this story, my husband and I were shopping for a lawnmower.  We had recently moved out of our condo and into a house, and the idea of suddenly needing lawn equipment was kind of a novelty.  After carefully considering our options, and knowing close to zero about all of them, we agreed on one that looked cool.

While we were waiting in the check-out line, a woman in front of us dropped to the floor and proceeded to suffer a grand maul seizure.  Instincts took over, and I now knew to help her onto her side and cushion her head, and I even managed to tell another woman in line to stop screaming because it was not helping the situation.  We did not know the victim’s health history, nor were we able to find out from a friend or family member since she was shopping alone, so I asked the screaming lady to make herself useful and call 911. 

Another shopper noticed what was going on and rushed over to help – he said that his son has epilepsy, so he knew what to do.  This seizure event concluded much more quickly than the last one I had witnessed, and as she drifted off to sleep I had the gentleman take my place in the floor to cradle her head.  I left them and ran outside to direct the paramedics.

Regardless of your beliefs in a higher power, you have to admit that the timing of these two events was interesting.  I feel like I was meant to witness how a particular situation was properly handled so I would be able to step in and help the next time I happened to be around when one occurred.

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