Thursday, December 19, 2013

2013 in Review

Here is [mostly] what happened in my world this year, in [mostly] chronological order:

First off, I made my hair disappear!  I went from this,

to this,

and then this.
 The universe decided I am an old lady.  Hello, glasses!
 My lifelong friend, Sarah, gave birth to twins!  
Jack and Aaron - born February 26th
 These guys informed me that I am going to be an auntie for the fourth time,
Ian (2) and Grant (4)
and then this guy told me that I am going to be an auntie for the fifth time...
Zander (2)
...except this time, I will finally be able to say I have a niece!
Lainey will be here February 4th, 2014
P.S. Don't show this to her mom -- the blankie is a surprise!
 Aside from all of the baby business going on, I changed jobs!
The view from my window now looks like this:
That's the new Parkland Hospital back there,
which will open in 2015
I got to travel twice for work, and I get to pursue more of my interests, which include project management, event planning, and I hope to delve more deeply into Quality Improvement & Patient Safety as time goes on, which is why I decided to go back to school.  I plan to earn dual degrees in Business Administration and Healthcare Administration.
The good news is it should only take me a million years to finish
 Over the summer, our best friends from Sweden visited us for a week.
While they were here, Stefan turned 40!
She still loves that old fucker
Maria and me celebrating the day Proposition 8 was ruled unconstitutional
In a gay bar, natch
Stefan y Kit - Homies por vida
While school has been nearly all consuming, I still managed to make time for some fun!  I made it to ACL for the first [and possibly the last!] time in my life:
I am a ginger, and I nearly died y'all
I was fortunate enough to see my favorite band, Depeche Mode,
TWICE within three weeks' time!
Martin and Dave hugging it out; I wish I was in the middle
 Then Kit and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary.  We skipped town
for a few days to be alone for the first time since our honeymoon!
I can hardly believe it has already been five years


I also got asked to officiate my fifth wedding ceremony, which took place at the Lakewood Theatre.  The theme was very well executed, and I am so happy to finally see the lovely couple as husband and wife!
They had a custom movie poster out front with the marquee.  It was fantastic!

I was able to go back into the Operating Room to observe again this year.
It was for a rare case that only comes up once a year or less, so I
jumped on the opportunity.  And I didn't faint or anything!

This guy turned five on December 9th,
My child, Vinnie Barbarino

and our fourth nephew arrived on December 12th!
Auntie Julie with Dylan Lane

Everyone is well, and it has been a very good, eventful year!  We have managed to decorate and put up our Christmas tree, but not one gift has been wrapped or placed under it yet.  We will get there.  Until then, this is the view in our living room...

2014 already promises to be an interesting one.  We are anticipating the arrival of our first niece soon, I get to travel to DC for work in February, and I have yet another exciting job change coming down the pike later in the year.  School will continue, and we will just have to wait and see what else happens!

Happy holidays, y'all!


  1. Well done deary!! I particularly love that picture of you at ACL, blue sky in the background, & the lady with the multi-color umbrella & folding chair. :) Yeah, no more festivals for me either!

  2. Thank you! I love the colors in the ACL photo as well. :-) That was one hell of a weekend. Oof.