Thursday, February 13, 2014

That Time My Mom Met My Dad

My dad was a rookie in De Soto, about 20 minutes south of Dallas, in the mid-70s.  As it goes with most new jobs, when you first join the police force you get to do all of the cool and glamorous cop tasks, such as: directing traffic, patrolling, working nights, weekends, and holidays, handling domestic noise complaints, etc. One night, my dad answered one such noise complaint from a woman who reported that her neighbor’s dog had been left out in their backyard and had been barking excessively for hours.

The woman immediately warmed to my dad, who went over to the neighbors and asked that they keep the dog from barking – perhaps bring the dog inside? – and they cooperated. He returned to the woman’s house to let her know that he had taken care of it, he gave her his business card and asked that she call him personally should she have any more troubles. She thanked him and told him that she had a daughter around his age, and she hoped her daughter would meet a nice man like him someday.  The woman was my Nana.

A few months later while he was out patrolling, my dad saw a fine looking woman, ran her license plate (very professional, Dad), and he discovered where she lived -- the house was familiar. They ended up meeting soon thereafter through mutual friends, and Dad finally had the nerve to ask Mom out on a date. After a brief courtship my mom brought him home to meet the parents, and you could imagine Nana’s surprise to see him walking back through her door, just as she had envisioned not long ago.

When I was a teenager my Nana told me this story and gave me my dad’s business card from that night, over 25 years earlier. She said she had kept it all those years, knowing she would give it to me one day. I think it is worth mentioning that my brother followed in my father’s footsteps and not only graduated from the police academy at the end of last year, but he is also currently a rookie in De Soto.