Monday, April 14, 2014

#100HappyDays #Day101

Yesterday I completed the #100HappyDays challenge.  I posted one photo each day for 100 days, and it was supposed to depict something that made me happy on that particular day.  I participated through Instagram to avoid saturating Facebook with my photos every day, plus I felt that Instagram was a more appropriate platform for this particular project.
Working full time and going to school while balancing a home and social life keeps me busy and on the go nearly constantly, so this project was ideal for ensuring I took a moment each day to slow down, take it all in, and document one item in particular that brought me happiness.  I am fortunate to live a life where I was often torn between multiple things that made me happy, and having to choose just one each day was more of the challenge. 

I found out a lot can happen in 100 days!

Day 31: My first niece was born

Day 44: We met Crispin Glover, and he was creepy as hell

Days 53-57: I traveled to Washington DC for the first time

Day 87: Kit and I were in the audience of the Conan O’Brien show

Day 78: I hosted a farewell party for one of my best friends
Day 95: She moved to the Netherlands

In general, I made new friends, enjoyed some beautiful meals, drank good drank, celebrated birthdays, saw movies, went to concerts and comedy shows, did an intense amount of homework, spent quality time with friends and family, and soaked up some simple day to day pleasures.
I quickly learned that signing on for a project centered around happiness did not necessarily mean that every day within that window [no pun intended] would be completely happy…
Day 28: Some asshole broke into my truck and stole my stereo

Day 39: Forgetting about a particularly craptastic day at work
But one major lesson I learned is that not all days start out ok, but they can end up ok.  It is possible to find ways to enjoy and appreciate aspects of your day, while also knowing that not all day of each day is going to be particularly pleasant.  It is up to us to seek out that which makes us happy, and those elements are present every day, which leads to my next observation…
A couple of weeks ago, I picked up on trends in the types of photos I had been posting day after day, week after week, and I thought it would be fun (statistics class has turned me into a full-blown nerd) to catalog the entire project.  I identified eight categories of repetition:

25% - Home and Family (includes Kit, our family, home, and the pups)
22% - Food and Booze
14% - Friends
11% - Fashion and Girlie Things
10% - Entertainment/Travel/Leisure
 8% - Nature and Scenery
 5% - Work
 4% - School

Depicts the percentage of photos posted under each category

I believe it would be safe to draw the conclusion that these categories contain the items I value most, which, in turn, make me happiest.  I am at my best when I am with family and friends, kicking ass at work and school, and I appreciate new jewelry, rainbows, and going out to have fun.  These seem like fairly basic values that would be common among most people, and I am genuinely interested in knowing if the #100HappyDays folks are tracking posts to identify common themes or are attempting to tie the participants together in any way.

I am glad to have taken on this challenge, and I am proud to have stuck with it and to have never missed a post for 100 consecutive days.  There were a couple of days where the evening would come before I realized I had not yet posted a photo, but I was always able to come up with something, even on the fly, that brought me happiness.  There were also times when I would be excited with anticipation of upcoming days and events, and I enjoyed planning out what type of photo I would take to capture the essence of what made me happy.

It will be lovely to look back on this project and be reminded of these specific 100 days, the big events and the small ones, and continue to realize that if I can identify happiness for 100 consecutive days (even on the days that truly weren’t my favorite), surely it is feasible to continue striving for happiness every day moving forward.
Day 100: Success


  1. Way to go! I see Food and Booze makes the list more than Friends :)

  2. Thank you! You can't compete with food and booze. Sorry. :-)

  3. I like this a lot! Friends make me happy too. And sugar, lots of sugar.